Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Florida

We celebrated Christmas across the state of Florida this year, beginning at home in Orlando, then to dinner in Celebration (thanks Nanie and Gramps!), and finally a weekend get-away to Ft. Myers to visit the McNamaras and Reeds. Dylan LOVED the pool! So did Trot!

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From Christmas 2008

Dylan's First Birthday

Friends and family joined us on December 13 to celebrate Dylan's first birthday. Dylan's favorate part was when everyone sang the birthday song.

On his actual birthday, December 15, Mommy, Daddy, and Dylan enjoyed more cake (and more singing). Dylan even pitched in with cleaning up ;)

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From Dylan's First Birthday

PA Trip

In early December, we headed north to Pennsylvania to visit friends and family. Click on the picture below for more photos from our trip.

From PA Trip

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dancing Dylan & Dancing Santa

EPCOT at Christmas!

Dylan checks out the ducks. Likewise, the ducks check out Dylan...

Dylan gets a sip of water from Mommy, to hydrate before the Candlelight Processional...

Dylan (left) and Mommy (right) take in the story of Little Baby Jesus by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Signs & Definitely Maybe)...
Thanks Nanie & Gramps for getting the best spot in line!

At the Doc's

Who knew the doctor's office with Mommy could be so fun? Well, this is pre-shots...

Crazy Hat Creature

Dylan discovers the head gear that the crazy UCF Knight fans wear at football games...he thinks it is the absolute funniest thing ever!

Boy, his Dad and Mom will just put anything on this blog. Won't they?

Welcome Benjamin Robert Kray!

Congratulations Nick and Kristin on your perfect baby boy...Ben! Dylan can't wait to meet his new buddy. See you guys very soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Plating Around!

Thank goodness Dylan does stuff like this. He looks so much like his Mom (which is great!) and is so darn smart...again, like his Mom. But when he does goofy stuff, I know there is some of me in him (even if he is, say, just about 1% me).

-Dylan's Dad


Daddy told me all about the crazy polar bears in the hit show "Lost", so I wasn't going to take any chances with this one! Yes, that is my Mommy in the igloo. Ain't she fun?!!!

Walking with Nanie & Gramps

Nanie - thanks for watching me today. I loved playing outside with you! The stroller rides were awesome!
Gramps - Daddy said to be on the lookout for new golfballs for Christmas. Apparently his round of golf didn't go so well, but he did tell me about the 85 foot putt for birdie that you made!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Cream!

Cleaning up the cake mess...

Cake Time!

A Walk in the Park

Dylan tests out the woodchips in a safe manner...touching them gently with his foot...

Daddy shows Dylan the red ants. Then Daddy quickly realizes these red ants aren't as friendly as up North, so the ant lesson didn't last long...

A view from worn out Dad's perspective...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!

GFW (Godfather Wife Cate) rescues the balloons from the Publix parking lot...

When Dylan realizes the singing is for him, he can't hide the smirk, no matter how hard he tries!

Dylan and Mom solicit help for blowing out the candles...

Dylan's fascination with fire is abrubtly cut short when the candles go out...

Thanks, Jennifer, for the Sangria!

And the sugar rush begins!

Thanks Nana and Papa for sending the balloons!

Mommy, Dylan, Nanie & Gramps (thanks Nanie and Gramps for your help...the punch was a huge hit!)

Godfather Tim performs and experiment on Dylan and Dylan's few hairs respond accordingly...

Cate shows Dylan the ornaments (Thank you Tim and Cate for driving down from SC!)...

Dylan unwraps some birthday toys (which interestingly enough will be re-wrapped and doubled as Christmas gifts next week)...

Dylan and his new igloo tent!