Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grady at 1 Year!!!

This update is long overdue!  Grady turned one on April 29...  Here were his stats from doctor well check up:
Height: 30.25"
Weight:  22 lbs., 8 oz.
Grady was deemed healthy, although he cried from the minute the nurse entered until we left, and he was safe in his car seat!  The doctor said he was showing "recall," and that is a good thing.  I like his positive spin on the situation :)
In other news, Grady is, as you likely know, walking!  He started about 1 week after his first birthday.  He had taken lots of steps before that, but at that time he committed to walking instead of crawling.  I had to find time to get to the store for a pair of shoes! 
Some more tidbits:
  • Grady wrapped up formula a few days after his birthday.  He was not initially pleased with the switch to whole milk.  The first day he spit it out!  We figured he would get the hang of it and stuck with the milk.  After about a week he was a pro.  Now you wouldn't believe he ever rejected it.  He also drinks water. 
  • His favorite foods are tending to be cereal, cheese, yogurt, peas, corn, turkey, and watermelon.  He is a bit spotty on other foods, inhaling them one day, and refusing them the next.  Those include black beans, bananas, ham, meatballs, broccoli, and more.  One thing is for sure, he always LOVES sweets.  He has a major sweet tooth. 
  • Grady is sleeping through the night!!  Seems like it may have coincided with his switch to whole milk.  Get that boy some protein!
  • Grady has 6 teeth total.
  • He is very clingy with Mom and Dad.  It has been a challenge to drop him off at daycare. 
  • Grady loves books!  He loves to read.  We probably do 5 or 6 books each night (mom's a sucker).  It is also a great way to warm him up to a sitter, or leave him off at daycare.  We learn.
Here are some pictures of Grady playing on the deck.  Tough to get him still for a photo!