Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is what happens when Dylan falls asleep on his hand!

(No, he did not get smacked across the face!)

Our Little Giants Fan!

When he buries his face in Knickbocker, it is naptime!

Monday, September 29, 2008

And just like that...

Dylan gets into everything!

Diving in!

He is a picky shopper...pasta or rice?

We originally thought that shelf was safe from him!

He knows what he is up to! (Gramps...he is going for the pasta!)

Weekend Fun!

Dylan with his brand new friend Samuel!

Dylan with "Great" Cousin Ann!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Final Yankee Game!

The Shields Family...

The Foley Family!

Jenn & Mike (Brian tries to avoid the camera)

Mike & Brian (Jenn tries to avoid the camera)

Leaving the Stadium one final time with our Pops!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Universal Studios Orlando...Islands of Adventure!

Dylan is finally old enough to enjoy some of the rides!

This is his very first one! You can just see how thrilled he is by the expression on his face...ehem.

This is Mom, Dylan and Ann Bean on Dr. Seuss's Ride! Dylan felt like he was right in the book! Following the ride, Mom and Dad looked at each other and both came to the conclusion that he may not have been quite old enough to ride that one (there were a few twists and turns that we didn't expect!).

Dylan, after eating Daddy's Crocs daily, finally got his own pair of Spiderman Crocs! This is the first time they were on his feet, and they stayed on his feet for a whole 18 seconds!

The summer heat is gone, but it still gets hot in the sun. Dylan sure knows how to cool off!

That was quite the day at the park!

Dylan & Mom take on the playground!

Our little man!

Dylan and Mom...and Dad in the shadow.

Mom wanted to have some fun herself!

The Yankee Stadium Finale!

Gramps, Uncle Mike, Jenn and Daddy enjoyed the final game at Yankee Stadium. We had great seats. We could see everything, including the top of the foul pole. Stay tuned for more Yankees pictures!

This is why Aimee is so smart...



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy & Dylan

Mommy and Dyl at Celebration!


Mom helps Dylan with his first ride on his new firetruck!

Checking its durability.

Dylan, Dad & TV!

That's my Daddy!

Dylan gets sucked into Daddy's tornado coverage!

Bath Time!

Dylan and Mom...getting the few hairs clean!

Always curious...but never letting go of the toy.

All clean!

Dylan and Teething...

Let's see how I can crack this teething issue...

I've got a plan!

Ah, there we go...

Yup, that's working! (Dylan is actually massaging his gums with his feet...ya, I know...but we love him!)

Mommy, Dyl and their trip up North!

Dylan enjoys some teething action on his play pen!

Mommy and Dylan at Surf Drive Beach...Dylan's very first time!

Nanie and Gramps try to steal Dylan, in order to keep him at the Cape longer!

Aunt Julie, Dylan and Aimee...at Aunt Julie and Uncle Brian's beautiful new house in Albany!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Independent Dylan...Sorta!

While at dinner at the Celebration Clubhouse, Dylan gets adventurous.

But it isn't too long before he searches for Mom!

Dylan Meets Knickerbocker!

Celebration is Complete!

Nanie and Gramps worked endlessly for a week to set up their new home, and the results are great!

Congratulations on your new home...it couldn't be nicer (Well, maybe if you had a dog)!