Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grady at 11 Months

Mr. Grady turned 11 months on March 29!  His first year is flying by.  Here is what he is up to:
  • Grady is into everything.  His mission in life is to remove everything from the cabinets/pantry/bins - whatever he can get his hands on.  He also enjoys opening cabinets. 
  • He can get up the steps pretty fast.  Gate must be up. 
  • Grady has two moods, happy and loud.  If he can't do something or get to something he wants, he yells, LOUDLY. 
  • Grady eats many different solid foods and we have pretty much stopped baby foods.  He can even eat some of our meals with us.  His favorite food seems to be yogurt.  He is not one for leftovers.  He drinks water out of sippy cups. 
  • Grady does very well with walking push toys.  He likes to "walk" back and forth between Mommy and Daddy too.  His main mode of transportation is crawling, of course, and he can really move.  Especially toward an open door.  Grady is always trying to escape because he loves to play outside. 
  • Grady finds his brothers extremely funny.  He cracks up at them.  Even things that we think might scare Grady will make him laugh. 
  • Grady gives us kisses!  He closes his mouth, then big mmmmmmmmmm mah!  He is so loving :)
  • Grady's favorite book is an Elmo book called "So Big."  If you ask him to pick out a book, he goes to his pile of books, finds the Elmo book and brings it to us.  Genius baby! 
I am sure I am missing things.  If I remember I will update :)
Grady at work, emptying a cabinet:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art Display

Carter hangs his drawings on the fridge at school. But look closely, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were drawn by Daddy!