Monday, September 11, 2017


The downed tree has become our temporary playground!

Double Rainbow

As Irma continues to clear out, we get a fun surprise double rainbow.


One Hurricane puzzle.

Irma Update Monday 11:00

Surveying the damage from Irma.  Fortunately for us just awning and side light down.  Neighbors were kind enough to take it down.  Across the street an oak tree fell down.  Still very breezy but rain has stopped and sun making an appearance.  We are all on very little sleep!

 High water line of the pond across the street - highest Dylan and I had ever seen.
 Sue and I checking out the tree.

 Brian returns!  He just needs to get to bed but at least he is home. Back to work tomorrow morning of course.

Brian still up and Running

Energizer Bunny!

Irma Update Monday 7 am

Starting to assess damage but still very windy and not ready to venture out. We took on some water from the rain blowing along windows and doors. Also our side awning dropped down but somehow still attached. Made for some racket over night!

Boys are up and happy. Time for clean up.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma Update - Sunday 8:30

Base Camp set up. Winds are strong and the house is whistling. Power has been flickering but fortunate to still have lights on. Friends in other neighborhoods are reporting outages. Also have a bath tub full of water. Ready as we will ever be!

Meanwhile at Channel 9...

Sleeping areas are assigned, but no one is doing much sleeping at Channel 9.  Especially not in the bathroom...

The engineer in me is wondering what scale this is at... 
Brian is "rested up" and back on air by 6:00 with George.  

Irma Update Sunday 4:00

At 4:00 the rains picked up along with waves of higher winds.  

Carter catches up on reading and soon after, Grady napped (perfect napping day).
Flashlights ready to go...

 Dylan gets out for a walk to Chloe's, and surveys the Ramos house with Rick.

Checking out Chloe and Sebastian's awesome bunker!

Irma Update Sunday 12:00

At about noon on Sunday we are stocked up and keeping close eye on Channel 9.  Several tornado warnings have popped up as the heavy rain bands start to pull through Central Florida.  Brian is getting a little rest currently at the station (laying down and watching models, etc????).

Here on Almond Avenue we have steady but light rain and light winds.  
The boys have had lunch and taking full advantage of Mom's preparation, which included a lot of non-perishable junk food.  They are also enjoying limitless iPad time as long as we have power!
Sue and Tony are here trying to entertain their cat in the garage currently.  The cat is afraid of us and will only hide when we try to see her.

We will get some pics of Brian in action when he gets back on air at 6 pm.