Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Your Mark...

Dylan loves "On your mark, get set...GO!" However, he makes up the actual starting time...and the course. He never fails to win that way. Just like his Mom, he is becoming a track star!


Dylan doing it himself!

Go Magic!

Dylan, a lifelong Magic fan and native Floridian, cheers on his team with a Thunder Stick!

The most intimidating place to play in the NBA...


Go Magic! Beat LA!

Me & Mommy!

Loving the playground!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dancing Dylan

This is just a sample of Dylan's dancing. He can really tear it up! We are unsure where he got that from...


We celebrated the weekend with a special treat - an apple! Dylan is not supposed to eat apple products during swim lessons. It is pretty sad when an apple is more of a treat than a cookie... I can't get over how much Dylan looks like a boy in this first picture!

Dylan also practiced his slam dunk. He, like the rest of Orlando, has caught the Magic Fever! Go Magic!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scrumptious Pancake Breakfast!


Igloo Tent!

To cool off, I ventured into my igloo, with my favorite toy!

More Hoops!

Toys R Us is becoming a dangerous place for Daddy's wallet...but I love it. We went in for one toy and came out with two! This is what happens when Mommy is out of town.

Now I can help Daddy mow the lawn and shoot hoops with him and Mommy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slam Dunk!

The most impressive thing is not the dunk. It is Dylan's "I've been there before" attitude. He takes care of business with the slam and then cooly grabs a drink to refuel.

1st Haircut!

Dylan just got his 1st haircut. At this pace, his next haircut will be in 2011.

Those curls behind the ears are about to go...

Salon-type styling...

Bite through the pain...

How much longer?

Wowa...that was quite a bit...

Quite a bit...

A cookie for a cutie!

Thank you for the sleep over!

Thank you Matt, Hillary and Hillary's Mom (hehe) for taking great care of me! The pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner was quite the surprise! Mom and Dad give me all that healthy junk. You guys are the best! -Dyl

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giant Book!

Dylan LOVES books...especially this giant book from Nanie!

Swimming with Gramps!

I can't wait to do this more when you come back from the Cape!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Godfather

Brian was honored to become Ben Kray's Godfather on Sunday, May 10. We went to Lafayette Hill to take part in the ceremony. Ben did so well! Parents Nick and Kristin credit that to his love of the bath.

Click the photo below for more.

Ben's Baptism

Dylan Drives the Bus

Dylan had the opportunity of his lifetime when a school bus arrived for Eileen's bachelorette party on Saturday, May 9. Dylan, Mommy, Daddy, Eileen, Audrey, and Katherine even got to go for a spin around the block on the bus! Don't worry, the bus driver took over at that point. Click the photo below for more pictures of Dylan enjoying the bus.

School Bus!!!!

Eileen's Shower

On Saturday, May 9, we celebrated Eileen's upcoming wedding with a bridal shower. Click on the photo below for some bridal party and family photos.

Eileen's Shower

Dunmore Trip

We headed north for a weekend visit to Pennsylvania, where the weather was beautiful (much better than the 10 days of 90+ temps in Florida). Here are a few pictures from our visit (unfortunately, we didn't snap too many photos). Click the picture below to view.

Thanks Nana and Papa for a fun time!

Dunmore Visit

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dylan Meets the New Car!

New Car!

Mommy says ba-bye to the Mazda...

Mommy signs away my college tuition...

Mommy gives a thumbs up to her new car! Paul & Jason smile because they just hosed Daddy!

Me and My Gramps!

Ball Pit!

Matt & Hillary's Ball Pit - Dylan loved it!

Way into this ball pit thing!

Dylan at the wheel (bottom right) while Matt and Hillary test out the slide.